Re: How often does an APRS DIGI need to I'd?

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I have 8 digi's and I make them I'd once an hour and the path set for wide1-1 consideration for it reaching an igate or 2 in case one igate goes down it would digi through another one to reach another igate.  Wide2-1 is a waste of space for a digi especially ones in high places as I have seen it happen in Colorado. The only job if the digi is to get a signal to the nearest igate ONLY. IMHO. 
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Just to confirm.   Please never send a 10 minute DIGI id over any digi path.  Send it local direct. (no hops)

If it also has a 30 minute copy then that can be sent via a single WIDE2-1 so that it can be seen in the region but less frequently.  If you have a one hour beacon, then that can be a WIDE2-2 path if the local channel is not to busy, but that will cove entire states back east…


These details are buried in


On that page we have shown a method of using the 4 LTexts and single BText to send a local 10 minute beacon, and a regional (1 hop) 30 minute beacon.  This leaves three more texts available for LOCAL frequency objects (Also sent locally, Direct (no hops) once every ten minutes. See


Only the digi can originate these things, because only the digi has a high sight and will only transmit this local info when the channel is truly clear so tht it does not interfere with any other packets.


Do not generate these extra objects at home. Because that location cannot hear all the channel the digi hears and will be just another hidden transmitter adding congestion on the channel.




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This is what I do. My digis use meaningful callsigns with their location, and I just have it set to send an ax.25 packet with my callsign every 10 minutes. That way there’s no gray area and it follows US regs. 



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If your Digi is using a callsign, then it id's every packet that is send, whether originated by APRISCE, or digipeated.


If your digi is using a tactical call, say for example BIGMTN, just have a status message or beacon text sent every 10 mins with you callsign in it.

US regulations, of course. 





(SHLBTP digi)



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Hi K7OI (Mark)
I remember when aprs first started there was chatter about how often to id.
Is there a rule about beaconing or digipeater.

Currently my beacon is set to 60m.

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