Re: Aprsis32 on my Android sees on my computer doesn't see my Android?


Aprs by Georg Lukas on my phone. IS only.

Aprsis32(latest release updated today). RF only at this time. On HP running Windows 11.
To Signalink USB. Into a 857d on FM at 10w out. Antenna is at whip by Comet 19.5 inches.
Antenna and height and rig is going to change.
After I'm comfortable with the program and set up. Been at aprs for over 12 years. It's much better now.
So 1st question was k7oi-8 running agw packet engine pro and signalink isn't showing up on my Aprs droid. It is now. When I transmit it pops up.

2nd quest. My Aprs droid running IS has not shown up at all on my computer AGW rd only station.
Also digipeater only works in Kiss not agw correct?


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