Re: What does "Not Queing" mean in the Transmit Log ?

Randy Love

Lynn can correct me if I'm wrong, but Digipeating only works for KISS mode ports.
That port looks to be a KNWD port. So, if you have your D710 in APRS mode and using a KNWD port, it won't go.
So, I may be wrong if you have this port as a KISS port of some type and not a KNWD port.

In the second NOT Queing that you have there ( at 22:06:44.888 ), the path is used up, so it won't send that one anyway.
The first one ( at 21:35:42.948 ) has a WIDE2-1 still open. But if you set up your Digi for WIDE1-1, that won't send because the packet doesn't meet the Digi parameters that you set.


On Wed, Dec 11, 2019 at 5:52 PM KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...> wrote:
I hear N4TNA directly.

i have Digipeat active.

Here is a typical sample from my xmit log.
One time I do not transmit his call/beacon. The other I do.

2019-12-10T21:32:56.200 Transmit(INT) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:=3829.68N/08301.10W-

2019-12-10T21:35:42.948 Transmit(RF) N4TNA-9>SX2Y0U,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:`nCMl\Yv/`"5X}Monitoring the KG4DVE Repeater_%
2019-12-10T21:35:42.948 KWD710(APRS)(KWD710(APRS)) NOT Queueing N4TNA-9>SX2Y0U,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:`nCMl\Yv/`"5X}Monitoring the KG4DVE

2019-12-10T21:44:22.317 Transmit(IS) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:T#725,100,048,095,128,000,10100000
2019-12-10T21:44:22.317 Transmit(INT) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:T#725,100,048,095,128,000,10100000
2019-12-10T22:00:22.315 Transmit(IS) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:T#726,100,048,095,128,000,10100000
2019-12-10T22:00:22.315 Transmit(INT) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:T#726,100,048,095,128,000,10100000
2019-12-10T22:04:52.358 Transmit(IS) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:<IGATE,MSG_CNT=0,LOC_CNT=1,DIR_CNT=1,RF_CNT=1

2019-12-10T22:06:44.888 Transmit(RF) N4TNA-9>SX2Y0R,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*:`nCXl"7v/`"6*}Monitoring the KG4DVE Repeater_%
2019-12-10T22:06:44.888 KWD710(APRS)(KWD710(APRS)) NOT Queueing N4TNA-9>SX2Y0R,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*:`nCXl"7v/`"6*}Monitoring the KG4DVE Repeater_%

2019-12-10T22:15:22.353 Transmit(IS) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:T#727,100,048,088,128,000,10100000


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