Re: Keeping Map Centered on Me?

Jason Tuggle, K2ENG <radiofreq@...>

>If you double-click on the Heading box (beside or below the large speed
>box), it will first re-center the map on some other station that you
>were tracking. The next time you double-click it, it will return the
>center to you.

This suggestion fixed it.  It is now tracking me/centering on station. 

>Alternatively, if you click on your own station ("Me"),
>it should have a check-mark and the Center option checked. If not,
>check it and the map should stay centered on your station again.

I tried this way first and it didn’t work.  That’s what prompted the first message. 
As a side note, the check-mark is now always “on” and cannot be turned off for
some reason.  In older versions, this is how I centered on my own station.

>If this doesn't get the tracking restored, let me know and I'll see what
>else I can figure out.
Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ

All good, now! Thanks!

 Jason, K2ENG

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