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Alright then. With the update to the Development version Things are finally working the way they should. In GNSS mode I'm getting a solid fix now with lots of satellites in use.

Related info-

The WIn 10 com drivers can be a real pain to deal with. They insist on installing a virtual com port driver which is not recognized as valid by the aprs software (and other programs). Additionally, some of the newer programs require the Windows Sensor driver, notably the WIN10 Map program.

I found some info that worked for me. You have to follow ALL  the steps-

 First disconnect from the internet so Windows can’t find the new driver.  Then plug in the GPS receiver to the USB port.  If it hasn’t been plugged in before Windows will probably assign the standard COM port driver to it.  If it has been plugged in before but only recently, the new driver has probably already been downloaded and it will use the new driver.  If so, open Windows Device Manager.  The receiver will appear under “Sensors” instead of under “Ports” as it used to do.  Uninstall the driver using Device Manager, being sure to click the box that deletes the driver files.  Windows will then revert to the standard COM port driver and the receiver will appear in the Device Manager list under “Ports”.

This is what we want but if we leave it like it is, Windows will download the new driver as soon as you connect back to the internet again.  To prevent this from happening we need to tell Window not to do this.   Do this by connecting to the internet, waiting for the new driver to download and the receiver to appear back under “Sensors”.  Then use Device Manager to “Rollback” the driver to the previous version.  This option is in the “Driver” tab in the Device Manager.

So, a success story. For now...hi.

regards, Roy

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