Re: DigiPeating and iGate oddities here


wow Lynn, many thanks.

I must now disable email from the list and ONLY read it here on the web-interface.

what caught my attention was that a "Reply" about [APRSISCE] Disabling APRS-IS from Rob "kb8rco@..." appeared via Email. yet I never sw the original post. And that made me remember that sometimes I just never get replies ... or so the email interface tells me. And I have yet to ever see your email vial the email interface .. go figure

this made me remember to try the web interface. There are a couple of guys, such as Rob, who's emails always get thru on the list. Go Figure.

Anyway, I will try you suggestion regards an APRS type port .. though I don't quite understand what you mean ... the AGW port, I use, as AGWPE defines my SignaLink soundcard which is reading off "Data" port on D710 ...and the AGW-Port accepts its input nicely. However, I have not seen anything get DigiPeated from it ...hmmm, I always have it on 145.825 to read 2m Sats ... that wouldn't get digipeated anyway.

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