Re: IGate and ax.25 packet Satellite's (Now local repeater freqs)

Rob Giuliano

Love the QSY feature, Don't have a radio that has the function, but even seeing the frequencies, comes in very handy.

I have 3 Comments:
1. I would interpret this request as kind of a reprogram of the radio
    Example:  Start client in my hotel room while on vacation and let run.  The Client adds any frequencies to the radio memory.
                    Now your radio is ready for use in that area.
   Novel idea, but how do you know where to store them? Over write existing, or add new?  How about if it just has a different PL?
2. QSY feature is for "right now".  I see someone add a QSY frequency, I expect to be able to QSY and talk.
   I've had a several, frustrating expirences where I've QSY'ed (manually on my radio), called the station, then CQ, and nothing. 
   It is just part of their message, even when they aren't listening there.  Kind of defeats the purpose.
   YES - I know this is different than showing repeaters, EchoLink, and other nodes. 
3.The original thread was about AX.25 satellites.
   If you don't "know the frequency they are on", how can you "lsiten to the packet" to tell you "which frewquency they are on"?
   I believe the request was an APRS or AX.25 client (specifically APRSIS32 feature) that would "know" or "predict" the next pass of a chosen satellite, and tune the D710 to that frequency.  I am guessing you can send the D710 a command and change frequencies as desired.  There are other programs that already do that, so why not run Orbitron, WISP, or some other application and have it do that function.  NOW, if that program had a default frequency that it would go to when no digital satellites in view, your radio with sit on the APRS frequency until a satellite was in view.

Robert Giuliano

On Friday, November 22, 2019, 12:06:13 PM EST, Robert Bruninga <bruninga@...> wrote:

Been in there since 2007 or so.  The whole topic is on
I use it all the time in new areas to see what voice repeater is recommended
in the areqa.


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> someday we could have radio's that listen to aprs , grabs beacons
> listing the voice repeaters and programs in the local repeaters into the
> radio for hams traveling in the ( new ) area.

It doesn't save the memories (as it could) but there is an APRS technique
supported by several radios to make current voice resources available at the
touch of a button.

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