Re: DigiPeating and iGate oddities here

Lynn Deffenbaugh

On 11/21/2019 7:21 AM, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
WinMain:2019-11-21T02:28:54.470 RFtoIS:[KWD710(Pkt)]IGated K8RRT>SXRT8Y,WIDE1-1,qAR,KD7YZ-15:`nZdl@O-/`"65}147.270MHz T123 +060 WVAR NET TUE 8:30 147270 PL 123_%

WinMain:2019-11-21T02:32:40.790 RFtoIS:[KWD710(Pkt)]IGated KJ4SNT>APMI04,KD4BNQ-3,KC8SDN-5*,WIDE2,qAR,KD7YZ-15::KJ4SNT :BITS.11111111,Telemetry

EXCEPT:  " [KWD710(Pkt)]IGated"  is not enabled.
So how did I iGate that one?

see the screenshots.
On the contrary, you DO have IGating enabled on your KWD710(Pkt) port.  From your screen shot, you have both RF to IS and IS to RF enabled.

I see on the second look that you have the port itself disabled, but if that were the case, we'd have never received a packet from it, would we?  Are you sure the port was not enabled when the log was generated, but that you disabled it after capturing the logs?

If you've been creating and/or destroying ports (especially deleting ports), it may be that APRSIS32 has gotten confused about an internal index.  To be sure, please restart APRSIS32 if you ever actually delete (not just disable) a port.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

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