Re: IGate and ax.25 packet Satellite's

Brad Ko6kL

'no-84' bird is active on packet , the ISS has not been for some time..
lots of good stuff by Patrick on how to work it.

i have a radio+kam monitoring 145.825 full time as a port onĀ APRSIS32 .

one more tip , running the rig in narrow FM mode seems to help for sat and weak signal packet.

regarding rig control for aprsis32 , i would REALLY LIKE to have that software
output the data from the aprs beacons showing the voice repeaters on the map
to something, i could load into my kenwood-2000 directly.

someday we could have radio's that listen to aprs , grabs beacons listing the voice repeaters and programs
in the local repeaters into the radio for hams traveling in the ( new ) area.

73 BradĀ  Ko6kL

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