IGate and Satellite's


On 11/15/2019 23:09, Rob Giuliano via Groups.Io wrote:

AMSAT UK site has a nice spreadsheet https://amsat-uk.org/satellites/frequencies-of-active-satellites/
.....  Using it to set "*" for active in column H,
then looking for 1200 AFSK, I count 20 with downlink frequencies, and a few more that just say APRS.  That sounds like a lot.
Thanks on that find!

which makes me ask if it's possible to auto switch freq's by APRSIS/32 ? Or by some other program compatible with all this?

Seems a dozen or more are on various 437mHz QRG's.

I have PSTRotator which can auto-switch to the next current in a list I make. I am doubtful it can change the D710GA freq ... however, I will ask over on their "board".

You don't say what SDR-console is connected to, but it sounds like a receive only device sending decoded sata to APRSIS32.
I have three RTL "Dongles" which I sometime use to RX EME, go figure. I
also have a Funcube Dongle for same ...so I listen to APRS or AX,25 too ... the output into SDR-Console into a Virtual Audio Cable ...into a "soundcard" input of AGWPE and, I guess, TELNET to APRSIS/32 .

So, my first goal would be to program all those "new" APRS qand AX.25 birds in then auto-track and see if they are really there for me to hear/decode ... then try and work someone off them

thus the need to have some program pick the bird and switch me wee D710GA to said QRG .... as I doubt seriously I am about to sit hear 24/7 looking for them , hi hi

----------------Trace IGate-------------------------
WinMain:2019-11-18T02:06:27.369 Msg2RF:Message(AI9IN) HeardOnRF, Local (1 vs 2), 6 Hops To(AI9IN) Payload(:AI9IN :Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es)

WinMain:2019-11-18T02:06:27.369 Msg2RF:Message(AI9IN) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:}K4KDR-6>CQ,RS0ISS,TCPIP,KD7YZ-15*::AI9IN :Heard you via ISS in Montpelier, VA FM17es

WinMain:2019-11-18T02:06:27.370 Pos2RF:Need FreePosition(K4KDR-6) For(AI9IN)

WinMain:2019-11-18T02:06:56.564 Msg2RF:Message(KL7JKC-6) HeardOnRF, Local (1 vs 2), 5 Hops To(KL7JKC-6) Payload(:KL7JKC-6 :Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's (KC9YTT Actual))

WinMain:2019-11-18T02:06:56.564 Msg2RF:Message(KL7JKC-6) KD7YZ-15>APWW10,WIDE2-2:}KC9YTT>CQ,TCPIP,KD7YZ-15*::KL7JKC-6 :Your 599 in Williamsfield, Illinois! 73's (KC9YTT Actual)

WinMain:2019-11-18T02:06:56.564 Pos2RF:Need FreePosition(KC9YTT) For(KL7JKC-6)

WinMain:2019-11-18T04:38:59.453 RFtoIS:[KWD710(APRS)]IGated N4TNA-9>SX3P3U,qAR,KD7YZ-15:`nFoq#v/`"5O}Monitoring the KG4DVE Repeater_%

WinMain:2019-11-18T11:52:09.753 RFtoIS:[AGWPE-TELNET ]IGated KD7YZ-15>SXRY4Q,WIDE2-2,qAR,KD7YZ-15:'oY"l -/]TEST D710GA & APRSIS32=


Am not sure why I iGate myself as I thought ZI have the set to NOT Gate ME

some others there ... confuse me, it seems a few guys can TCP to me then IS-RF to the satellites? Fine by me but it's a new one on me.

I said .. I am learning, didn't I ? hi hi


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