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Some relevant input...

"You also appear to have the "data jack" (6-pin audio I/O and PTT) connected through the SignaLink and AGW.  Having both connected,  are you are using the radio for 2 different functions at the same time?  I am quite sure that the radio is not designed for this.

710 will happily run two functions.  Mine has a Kantronics KPC-3 Plus USB connected to the radio body’s DATA jack configured against Band B. 

Meanwhile, the good cable from RT Systems (or can be Kenwood’s own) is patched between the COMM port on the radio’s head and computer on Band A, utilizing Internal TNC.

She just sits there and successfully behaves like a pair of radios- and TNCs, doing two separate things, simultaneously, under a single PC running two softwares, with one antenna, and never complains.

Jerry K4WOF

On Nov 14, 2019, at 6:08 PM, Rob Giuliano via Groups.Io <kb8rco@...> wrote:

Now I am totally confused.

The port definitions you show are ports for the D710's "built in TNC", not AGW.
    APRSIS32 has 2 ways of connecting to the serial TNC interface of the D710 (head via PG-5G cable or equivilent).  One is PKT and the other APRS. The difference is in the state of the radio when APRSIS32 connects, and the commands sent.  You will need to review the D710 information on the WIKI for how each works, but I know one of these port types has an issue with the callsign-ssid of the radio vs APRSIS32.  That is most likely what you are seeing in the pictures witha callsig n-ssid in one and not the other.
    I am quite certain that when using the head TNC port, only 1 side of the radio is connected to this internal TNC and thus sent to the attached computer running APRSIS32. 

You also appear to have the "data jack" (6-pin audio I/O and PTT) connected through the SignaLink and AGW.  Having both connected,  are you are using the radio for 2 different functions at the same time?  I am quite sure that the radio is not designed for this. 

There is no way to directly connect APRSIS32 to the sound card (SignLink or other).  APRSIS32 connects to TNCs (or at least serial data streams from them).  The function of AGWpe (or ther such software TNC/modems) is to take in the audio from the radio and decode the tones to turn it into a TNC data stream (software TNC).

You can connect APRSIS32 to AGW through an AGW port:
   Port Type:   AGW
  Port name:  D710_AGW
for Port Type pop up: TCP/IP
  IP or DNS:    LocalHost     (or your IP address of the compuiter running AGWpe)
           Port:    8000            (default)

I am no sure if you can connect the UISS application and APRSIS32 application at the same time, but I think the AGW protocol can handle it.  You will have to disable the Port(D710) ones you were using.  Using APRSIS32 with an AGW port will allow the data to be displayed from any stream, however, I am sure it can only TX on "stream zero" - first AGW port.

Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, November 14, 2019, 11:08:20 AM EST, KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...> wrote:

On 11/13/2019 15:21, Rob Giuliano via Groups.Io wrote:
> If you are using AGWpe to interface with the SignaLink, then the RF port
> would be of TYPE AGW.  WHat are you using to show the "AGWPE decode"? 
> AGWMonitor, AGWTerm, or something else?
> Thanks numerous helpful replies though My Thunderbird never got Lynn's
reply; go figure.

I use AGWPE the paid version thereof, Packet Engine Pro.
It allows me to define any soundcard.

I was using UISS to gather the AGW Telnet output and display same ....
though I can see either Individual AGW ports I've define OR I can see
the ALL PORTS tab also on Packet Engine Pro.

So I created an AGWPE/Packet-Engine-Pro port off the SignaLink Soundcard
TX and RX definitions.

In APRSIS32 I see where I can define an AGW Port.

I do NOT find a way in APRSIS32 to create a port from a "Device" such as
LINE#1/VAC#1 which comes out of SDR-Console.
I didn't find a way to Directly have APRIS32 look at the output of the
SignaLink's Soundcard, which appears in Device Manger under
Sound/vid/game as USB Audio Codec.

SO ... I have external Data on the D710GA set to Band or channel, "B:"

Turns out this appears then in  the output  'Data Socket' of the
D710GA..... readable by the program APRSIS32 ... butttt, sometimes
there's garbage which appears to me to be some internal commands from
one thing or the other.

Though in my first email u can see the decoded Sats telemetry ... and
only one radio was connected to that 145.825 frequency //// CH-B

As there is no APRSIS32 "Port" defined for CH-B, there are no "View"
items for me to see; and there appears no way to tell iGate to seek
meaningful data from the D710GA's right-side display (145.825). And I
call it CH-b

This all my be related to an ongoing issue with either the PKT or the
APRS Ports I try to make, in APRSIS32.

Sometime, maybe today or maybe in the morning, the SSID box is blank and
my "Home" icon is missing too. See screen shots jpgs, if I am able to
send jpgs here otherwise tell me how rto send them please. I have the
before and after's.

Tnx all the help guys.


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