Re: Which Log is for the Data-Port?


On 11/13/2019 15:21, Rob Giuliano via Groups.Io wrote:
If you are using AGWpe to interface with the SignaLink, then the RF port would be of TYPE AGW.  WHat are you using to show the "AGWPE decode"? AGWMonitor, AGWTerm, or something else?
Thanks numerous helpful replies though My Thunderbird never got Lynn's
reply; go figure.

I use AGWPE the paid version thereof, Packet Engine Pro.
It allows me to define any soundcard.

I was using UISS to gather the AGW Telnet output and display same .... though I can see either Individual AGW ports I've define OR I can see the ALL PORTS tab also on Packet Engine Pro.

So I created an AGWPE/Packet-Engine-Pro port off the SignaLink Soundcard TX and RX definitions.

In APRSIS32 I see where I can define an AGW Port.

I do NOT find a way in APRSIS32 to create a port from a "Device" such as LINE#1/VAC#1 which comes out of SDR-Console.
I didn't find a way to Directly have APRIS32 look at the output of the SignaLink's Soundcard, which appears in Device Manger under Sound/vid/game as USB Audio Codec.

SO ... I have external Data on the D710GA set to Band or channel, "B:"

Turns out this appears then in the output 'Data Socket' of the D710GA..... readable by the program APRSIS32 ... butttt, sometimes there's garbage which appears to me to be some internal commands from one thing or the other.

Though in my first email u can see the decoded Sats telemetry ... and only one radio was connected to that 145.825 frequency //// CH-B

As there is no APRSIS32 "Port" defined for CH-B, there are no "View" items for me to see; and there appears no way to tell iGate to seek meaningful data from the D710GA's right-side display (145.825). And I call it CH-b

This all my be related to an ongoing issue with either the PKT or the APRS Ports I try to make, in APRSIS32.

Sometime, maybe today or maybe in the morning, the SSID box is blank and my "Home" icon is missing too. See screen shots jpgs, if I am able to send jpgs here otherwise tell me how rto send them please. I have the before and after's.

Tnx all the help guys.


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