Re: KWD710(APRS):DigiPeating Not Supported on KWD710(APRS) Protocol Ports

Lynn Deffenbaugh

The "OK" message simply means that the port has been opened and the connection configuration is valid.  It does not reflect "proper" operation of the protocols over the port because "proper" does not have a definitive meaning.

APRSISCE/32 does not support digipeating over a KWD710(APRS) protocol port because this port type is a kludge and hack and is not directly supported by Kenwood.  What APRSIS32 actually does is yank the radio out of APRS mode any time it needs to transmit something and then puts it back into APRS mode when the transmission is complete.  During these mode switches, packets can be lost.  As you can imagine, the frequency with with a digipeater transmits would not be good.

Also, because Kenwood didn't envision this use of APRS mode in their firmware, the radio can (and does) get confused about what MYCALL is while operating in this mode.  Sometimes it is the callsign-SSID configured into the radio, but after APRSISCE/32 transmits, the radio will adopt the callsign-SSID of APRSIS32 until the next time the TNC is reset.

KWD710(APRS) mode is nice when you want to use the 710's internal APRS capabilities and still pass packets on to APRSIS32 for mapping and better display.  But it really isn't good for APRSIS32 to do much transmitting IMHO.

But, given that APRSIS32 is trying to digipeat, at least we know that packets are coming in from the radio now!

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/7/2019 3:26 PM, KD7YZ Bob wrote:
I have the D710 APRS port config box set with every box checked (on) except No-Gate-ME is unchecked.

Something I do notice, and keep seeing from port to port, is that when I just checked that D710 APRS port, the SSID name is missing (KD7YZ-15) and the comment line is now also blank/greyed-out.

yet the status at the top of the scroll column rotates through KWD710(APRS) OK

so is it or isn't it?

WinMain:2019-11-07T19:40:19.771 Restore Saved ALWAYS Enable
WinMain:2019-11-07T20:00:35.436 Digipeating N4TNA-9 (WIDE1-1) via(WIDE1-1=WIDE1*)
WinMain:2019-11-07T20:00:35.436 Original(N4TNA-9>SX2Y0P,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:`nCYlfyv/`"5w}Monitoring the KG4DVE Repeater_%)
WinMain:2019-11-07T20:00:35.436 Transmit(N4TNA-9>SX2Y0P,KD7YZ-15*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:`nCYlfyv/`"5w}Monitoring the KG4DVE Repeater_%)
WinMain:2019-11-07T20:00:35.436 KWD710(APRS):DigiPeating Not Supported on KWD710(APRS) Protocol Ports <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Not sure where to look for this as UIDIG is "ON".


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