Re: Trying to understand the Log from "Port(KWD710(Pkt)"

KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...>

So I just deleted most "Ports" ... leaving the ore-configured NMEA and APRs-IS

I made a new port from the Drop-Down ...


checked ALL the boxes just in case I might leave one un-checked that was supposed to be "ON".

APRSIS32 (min) has beaconing ON, fwiw

Enable Ports "ALL", Log All
RX... -- unchecked

and here is what I see, again

Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T12:20:23.456 Missed Expected Response(cmd:) From Command(^M~!cmd:!1)
WinMain:2019-11-07T12:23:11.155 Stopping Port(KWD710(APRS))
WinMain:2019-11-07T12:23:11.155 Waiting at line 742
WinMain:2019-11-07T12:23:11.256 Waiting at line 742
WinMain:2019-11-07T12:23:11.357 Waiting at line 742
Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T12:23:11.426 Terminating after 331330 msec vs 0 Quiet
Port(KWD710(APRS)):2019-11-07T12:23:11.426 Closing COM12:9600,N,8,1
WinMain:2019-11-07T12:23:11.457 Waiting at line 2877

I need some serious assistance here.

Bob KD7YZ with a month old TM D710GA and APRSIS32 which are way smarter than me.

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