Re: Trying to understand the Log from "Port(KWD710(Pkt)"

Randy Love

Yeah, those RT systems cables are pretty solid... 
They used the FTDI chip set, so they aren't nearly as flakey as cheaper USB dongles.
I had a Keyspan once... key word being HAD... it was never reliable for me, so I give it to someone that swore by them.. 
I'm sure he swore AT that one tho...


On Wed, Nov 6, 2019 at 6:06 PM KD7YZ Bob <kd7yz@...> wrote:
On 11/6/2019 11:19, Randy Love wrote:
> Just a quick check, the cable is into the back of the control head, correct?
> Randy
> WF5X

So today I used the programing from RT Systems ... THEN never unplugged
from the back to put it back on the Control display box.

Thanks. And before I ask the next in a line of "How do I do this"
questions, I will pull the list and see if they exist when the cables go
to the right places.

I am using the USB-K5G Radio Cable that came with theTM-D710G Programmer.

Previously I was using a Keyspan which converted the Rig's RS232 to USB
...HOWEVER, I had a lot of trouble with the Keyspan "going missing" on
my Dell ....I tried activating (did) the COM1: and jut plugging in the
serial cable as designed ....Dev Man showed COM1: at 9600b but the
computer never saw the rig on COM1 ..... thus I decided to use the RT
systems' already programmed cable.

But it would help if I plugged it back onto the "COM" socket instead of
leaving it on "PC" .

thanks for the help.


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