Re: Blocking a digipeater from digi'ing my beacon


"If however high powered stations use WIDE1-1, there’s a potential for many home stations to hear the request and act upon it, causing lots of potential noise on the channel. The solution then is to shut down the home WIDE1-1 digipeaters, thereby removing the ability for low powered stations to get help from a nearby home station."

"I sent an email to Bob Bruninga asking him if what I was seeing was what was to be expected. His response was 'I don’t know, I’ve never seen a properly implemented APRS network at work.'"

It sounds like a "proper" APRS network is actually just theoretical; not possible in reality?  Or is it possible but needs the perfect geography with the perfect number and spacing of digipeaters with associated perfect paths?  Is that what you have in Alberta?  If so, what are the "proper" settings you use?

I'm not being flippant, just genuinely curious.  There's an abundance of conflicting information on the internet.  WIDE1-1 is good... WIDE1-1 is bad.  Never use WIDE2-2... it's good to use WIDE2-2.  Use WIDE3-3... never, ever, ever use WIDE3-3.  Never use RX-only iGates... RX-only iGates are wonderful.  And so on.

Also, is part of the problem too much internet integration?

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