Brandon Clark

Hello group,

I found a section of the GPS dongle's configuration utility where you can tell the dongle how to send the NMEA strings. Two of the settings are called "Main Talker ID" and "GSV Talker ID". They were previously set as follows:
Main Talker ID: 0-system dependent
GSV Talker ID: 0-GNSS Specific

I'm far from a GPS expert (obviously), but I think the dongle was formatting the data strings differently based on what type of satellite system the data was coming from. I changed those settings to the following:
Main Talker ID: 1-GP (GPS)
GSV Talker ID: 1-Use Main Talker ID

After flashing those instructions to the dongle I reopened the virtual COM port in PuTTY. Everything is not coming through as $GPxxx type strings:

There is still all that funky stuff at the beginning, but I guess that's normal because it doesn't seem to be hurting anything. Anyway, when I engage the port in APRSIS32 again I get a full lock almost immediately, as expected.
Brandon Clark, KL7BSC

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