Re: GPS Setup

Brandon Clark

Hello group,

Well, I've been trying to get my new GPS dongle working with APRSIS32 and am still stuck. I initially did not have the "Enables | NMEA" part going, but once I enabled that the screen displayed the expected elements: location and heading boxes, list of anticipated satellites, etc.

Where I'm stuck now is that the GPS data doesn't seem to be "getting into" the program. When i use the USB dongle with the included testing and config program (U-Center 8.26) I can get a position fix, see which satellites are being received, and so forth. So I know Windows 10 is able to work with the dongle.

Also installed is a virtual com port driver, which creates a COM6 for the GPS dongle. I double- and triple-checked the port configuration in APRSIS32 against what shows up in Windows Device Manager (COM#, Baud, Parity, Data Bits, and Stop Bits). Everything matches.

Now, the receiver is very configurable. My hypothesis is that the receiver is sending data in a protocol that the U-Center 8.26 program can decipher, but which APRSIS32 cannot. I think I have also found where I can flash the configuration to the receiver to change how it communicates.

My question is, what must APRSIS32 receive in order to read the data properly? It looks like there are multiple versions if the NMEA protocol. Which one should I tell the receiver to use? Are there any other settings I should look for in the configuration program?
Brandon Clark, KL7BSC

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