Re: GPS Setup

Brandon Clark

Hello group, 

Thanks for the advice Lynn. I think I may be on the right track now. 
1. I enabled the GPS function and the expected on-screen items showed up: speed, satellite reception, fix type, etc. 
2. I checked my beacon configuration and realized I had forgotten to add the path. (I've been running a direwolf-only igate for a while and have gotten out of practice using APRSIS32 for transmit.)

I'm set up indoors and didn't have time to wait for the GPS to get a lock, so I'll have to do more testing tomorrow evening. When I tried to transmit though the system did pip up a dialog that it would do so once the GPS lock was achieved, so that's good. 

I'll follow up tomorrow evening when I'm able to play some more. 
Many thanks, 
Brandon Clark, KL7BSC

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