Re: FTM-400XDR won't transmit message from APRSISCE?


Yaesu's APRS system is proprietary and isn't hackable that I know of. Its use with programs like APRSISCE and others is problematic at best.



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The APRS-IS passcode is only used to send messages into the APRS-IS (Internet System).  Your RF "passcode" is your Ham license...

I don't know the FTM400 specifically, but in general Yaesu radios' built-in APRS is generally limited.  Receive is good, but transmit is problematic.  Most have better luck with an external TNC of some sort, or using a "Sound Card" equivalent such as Direwolf or AGW.  What are you using for the TNC function?

Greg  KO6TH

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Maybe it's the APRS passcode, but I don't know what that is or where I get it?

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