Re: FTM-400XDR won't transmit message from APRSISCE?

Greg Depew

The tncs inside yaesu radios are locked down and inaccessible for transmitting with a computer. The only way to transmit with a Yaesu is to use either the sound card method such as you would with FlDigi. Or to use an external tnc. 

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Subject: [aprsisce] FTM-400XDR won't transmit message from APRSISCE?



I've setup my FTM-400XDR with APRSISCE and it receives fine. I just can't get it to transmit messages?

Is there anything obvious that I might be missing? I keep trying to configure the radio and I always check the Xmit button, but it always gets unchecked.

Is there a thread on this already? I looked, but couldn't find it.

Is it the password? It asked something about a password, but I don't know that I have any type of password. I've never needed one before?




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