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vince <vince83687@...>

Yes Lynn and group.

Yea how could this be done offline. Can one retrieve tiles by way of RF in the software program?
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Thank you for your reply...

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Hi group and Lynn,

This sathurday, I'll be using APRSIS32 offline (without internet access) for an national earthquaqe exercice and need to fetch tiles for an entire region. Is there a way to fetch othen than having to scroll the region before leaving? Having to scroll 4 x 6 miles square at different levels is taking quite some time. Multiply this by 3 different tile set (osm, world street maps and world imagery), I'll be here for ever.

I would love to be able to fetch my entire region but what will be the volume of tiles and how much space it will take on the pc hard drive. I think tiles are plain images compare to maps that are vector images.

Thanks for any solutions.



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