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Ok, now I'm really confused.  In the first paragraph, you say you're using AGW with a sound card connection.  But in the second paragraph you say that the FTM-100DR has a callsign-SSID now set to K9JTV-10.  That should only be possible if the FTM-100DR is an APRS-capable radio with an internal TNC.  Which is it?

AGW has an AGW terminal that can connect to it, and I believe it also shows you the decoded packets somewhere, maybe only in the terminal.  Please use those tools to determine if it is decoding the received APRS packets correctly.  Once that is confirmed, we can work on the APRSIS32 interface to AGW.

Although you might want to consider using DireWolf as the sound-card program.  It decodes much better than the origina AGWpe.

Your AGW screen shot shows zero clients but one SocksAPI connection.  APRSIS32 should be a normal client and not a SocksAPI connection.  Do you ahve something else talking to AGW, or is it possible that port 8000 is the Socks port and you need a different port for a normal AGW client program connection?

Although, looking at the YAAC documentation at, it seems that port 8000 should be correct, but then, it doesn't mention "SocksAPI", but only WinSock.

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See attached screen shot of AGW.  Yes, I am using a sound card interface.  FTM-100DR Mono Speaker Out jack to Line In on my laptop.  The FTM-100 is stereo out, but I have a stereo to mono adapter that came with the radio that I am using.  I built a Mono/Mono interface cable that is connected between the FTM-100 and my laptop.  I can see the audio coming through when I monitor the input.  I don't really know about "tuned for decoding".  Correct IP and Port configured, see second screen shot.  

I had the same SSID (blank) in APRSIS32 as I had on the FTM-100DR.  Changed the FTM-100DR from "K9JTV" to "K9JTV-10".  No SSID configured in APRIS32.  

K9JTV-7 is my FT-3D.  K9JTV-9 is my FTM-400 in my Suburban sitting outside my home.  I have been using both of them to test.  Neither come through to APRS via any IGATE or Digipeater from here at home.  

I will update to the development version as soon as I send this.  

Thanks for the assistance!

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Why are you using AGW?  Do you have a sound-card connection to the FTM-100, or an RS-232 connection?  On looking further, the FTM-100 is not an APRS-capable radio, so you must be using a sound-card interface.

Are you using SVG's AGWpe or some other AGW-work-alike program?  Is it properly connected to the radio and tuned for decoding.  APRSISCE/32 will only get what your sound-card interface decodes.  And do you have the proper IP address and port ( and 8000) to connect APRSIS32 to that program?  The FTM-100 port log looks like whatever it is connected to isn't speaking the AGW protocol.  The APRS-IS log is not necessary.

And no, the passcode is not your -SSID.  It would be the number after the dash after you callsign if you have one configured in APRSIS32.  Also, what is the callsign-SSID configured in your FTM-100?  They should use different -SSIDs.  See also:

From!call=K9JTV* it appears that you're not using -SSID in APRSIS32, which is fine, and -7 has a text comment implying that it is an FT-3D.  What is your -9?

I also see that you're running the 2012 general release.  You'll definitely want to upgrade to the development version by following the instructions at:

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