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See attached screen shot of AGW.  Yes, I am using a sound card interface.  FTM-100DR Mono Speaker Out jack to Line In on my laptop.  The FTM-100 is stereo out, but I have a stereo to mono adapter that came with the radio that I am using.  I built a Mono/Mono interface cable that is connected between the FTM-100 and my laptop.  I can see the audio coming through when I monitor the input.  I don't really know about "tuned for decoding".  Correct IP and Port configured, see second screen shot.  

I had the same SSID (blank) in APRSIS32 as I had on the FTM-100DR.  Changed the FTM-100DR from "K9JTV" to "K9JTV-10".  No SSID configured in APRIS32.  

K9JTV-7 is my FT-3D.  K9JTV-9 is my FTM-400 in my Suburban sitting outside my home.  I have been using both of them to test.  Neither come through to APRS via any IGATE or Digipeater from here at home.  

I will update to the development version as soon as I send this.  

Thanks for the assistance!

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Why are you using AGW?  Do you have a sound-card connection to the FTM-100, or an RS-232 connection?  On looking further, the FTM-100 is not an APRS-capable radio, so you must be using a sound-card interface.

Are you using SVG's AGWpe or some other AGW-work-alike program?  Is it properly connected to the radio and tuned for decoding.  APRSISCE/32 will only get what your sound-card interface decodes.  And do you have the proper IP address and port ( and 8000) to connect APRSIS32 to that program?  The FTM-100 port log looks like whatever it is connected to isn't speaking the AGW protocol.  The APRS-IS log is not necessary.

And no, the passcode is not your -SSID.  It would be the number after the dash after you callsign if you have one configured in APRSIS32.  Also, what is the callsign-SSID configured in your FTM-100?  They should use different -SSIDs.  See also:

From!call=K9JTV* it appears that you're not using -SSID in APRSIS32, which is fine, and -7 has a text comment implying that it is an FT-3D.  What is your -9?

I also see that you're running the 2012 general release.  You'll definitely want to upgrade to the development version by following the instructions at:

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