Re: APRSISCE/TN-D710 set-up


On 9/9/2019 10:51, [aprsisce] wrote:
I've been walking a couple of hams through this recently and finally found time to write up what I have found to work. When I get a chance I'll add screen shots and post to the files section. Hope this helps:
First, read this page on the APRSIS32 Wiki:
Computer Set Up:
Check the baud rate of the COM port you will be using in device manager .......
OK Randy, I have dutifully followed the outline u sent ( this one on this page is the same if anyone else asks).

Now to see if my PSTRotator progream will setr the Rx on the D710GA to match the Sat Freq.

Not that you covered that. However the "WiKi" article "seems" to say the D710 can be taken over ... so we'll see.


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