APRSISCE/TN-D710 set-up


I am running a Dell machine with Windows 10.

Connected to the Dell via the supplied accessory cable supplied by Kenwood and is connected to the D710 on the back of the control head then to a USB port on the Dell.  The Dell does not have a 9 pin connection on the back.

On the computer screen is running the APRSICE/32 software.  When connected to the Internet I see all kinds of stations popping up.  When not connected to the Internet I only see my call AF5AA-1 on the screen.

I have read the documentation on APRSISCE both on the Internet and user's manual.  I do not think I have the set-up correct because reading the documentation I see all kinds of things I am missing.

Is there a detailed description on how to connect and set-up APRSISCE?  I want the D710 to feed the computer with information not the Internet.




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