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I have tried everything. I got the notepad finally and changed the update development to one but after trying ctrl O for satellite forecasting I still get block. Does anyone have capability to remote in and see what the issue is? I bought this laptop solely to use this program. Not a personal storage.


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Not sure if anyone replied, but it is as simple as:

(Assuming windows)

0. Close APRSIS32 (or make sure it is closed)

    editing the file while open will not work as it gets overwritten on close

1. Open Windows File Explorer

2. Navigate to the subfolder where aprsis32.exe and supporting files are (should also have a subfolder OSMTiles).

3. Looking at the files, there should be :

   a) APRSIS32.exe

   b) APRSIS32.xml

   c) APRSIS32.log, plus any number of APRSIS32##.log files

4. Left click on the APRSIS32.xml and choose Edit

    This will open the file for editing in the default text editing file - typically Notepad.exe

5. Press f

    in the Find what: text box type devel then press

6. Chnage the line that you go to from




7. Save and Close the text editor

8. Now back in File Explorer

    Double click on APRSIS32.exe to start the app and allow it to upgrade the system and restart


That's it!

Robert Giuliano



On Thursday, September 5, 2019, 7:34:03 PM EDT, shoan butler kn4txm@... [aprsisce] wrote:




Does anyone have a minute to run me through this development mode setup???? Would really appreciate it.


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Thanks for your on-going support for APRSISCE.

Mike K6MFW



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