Scroller Text Color

Arnold Harding - KQ6DI

Looking at the Wiki about the scroller left a question about Scroller text colors.  From the Wiki:

Red, Yellow, Green - Scaled color based on proximity (Red = close, Green = far)
The scale of this conversion is the circle on the map. If the station is within the circle, the color will vary from Green (outer edge) to Red (dead center) based on how close the station is to the coordinates at the center of the screen.

What is the "circle on the map"?  Does this have to do with Range Circle in " Configure / Screen / Circle" ?  I'm guessing that's the "circle" since the text colors change based on my zoom level, but I almost never have the "circle" turned on.  Not a big question, just curious, and the Scroller Wiki left that question unanswered.

Arnold, KQ6DI

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