Something mis-configured?

David Shrum

In the last week or so I saw complaints about what is showing up in the ticker of stations showing up, I thought I would add what I see a lot of, and of course doing a "whois" doesn't show me who it is. I see a lot of MICON-1, MICON-42, etc. I guess I should have paid more attention what was being said, but since basically the only thing I have done is set my pass code and location, and who I track.

I guess my question is, is there a filter that can block anything that has "MICON" in it from showing up? Regardless of whether it has a "-1", or "-2" or "-42". Thanks and I apologize in advance for asking the same question over again so quickly, most of that went over my head because of a lack of knowledge and understanding of what was happening. If this program was a "appliance" like what the "old hams" said would happen with the CW drop back a while ago, I would have to say guilty on both counts.

Dave N8PU

PS, sorry about the poor picture quality of the second picture, I couldn't get a screen capture of it with my computer so I had to take a picture of it with my cell phone camera.

PPS, I tried to add a filter to not show anything with MICON in it and obviously was missing something important.

2019-08-05T11:28:50.806 Parsing
2019-08-05T11:28:50.806 Parsing
2019-08-05T16:52:36.164 Parsing -MICON*
2019-08-05T16:52:36.164 Filter Error:Piece(-MICON*) missing / as second character
2019-08-05T16:53:23.595 Parsing

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