Re: Any way to block object or sender?

Gurdon Wolfe

  Here is a copy of my error file attempting to block DSTAR stations from showing on my map.
 Are there any other options you can suggest I try?  Am I missing something in the format? I
 appreciate your help.

 2019-07-30T16:16:12.369 Parsing 
2019-07-30T16:16:12.369 Parsing -s//a/DW
2019-07-30T16:31:11.428 Parsing 
2019-08-01T19:52:11.943 Parsing -b/DSTAR*
2019-08-01T19:59:49.523 Parsing -b/#D
2019-08-01T20:25:27.846 Parsing -b/Da
2019-08-01T20:53:28.308 Parsing -b/D&
2019-08-01T21:28:29.347 Parsing -sDa
2019-08-01T21:28:29.347 Filter Error:Piece(-sDa) missing / as second character
2019-08-01T21:29:01.127 Parsing -s/Da

73, Don

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