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Rob Giuliano

For the program crashing, you will need more information.
However, my first guess is that you are running it from within the ZIP file, or in a location that limits acccess.

For Windows 7 and 10, you want to extract the APRSIS32.exe file into a folder which you can control permissions.
I always recommend a folder structure from the base ("C:\") that makes sense to your situation.
Personally, mine is structured as:
But I tend to play around with many APRS things and even more radio things, so 3 layers is helpful.
For your situation, C:\WinApps\APRSIS32 might be enough

As for the passcode:  Yes it needs to match the callsign used at the station.
This needs to be done off this list (owners list) with the callsign and verifiable information for the user.  This is typically full name as it appears in the FCC database (no nicknames and only use initials if they that way are in the database).  The process is pretty quick.

Robert Giuliano

On Monday, July 29, 2019, 9:36:24 PM EDT, Thomas Hutter k7tjh@... [aprsisce] wrote:


Greetings, I am new to aprsisce and I am trying helping a friend, Dick - W7DXJ, with his I-gate. Dick, has had a few strokes and is not able to do things for himself. So, I am here helping. Dick - W7DXJ, had an I-gate operational at his QTH for years. The computer he was using for his I-gate, crashed and took down the I-gate and all of it's information with it. We have a new computer with an OS of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. I am in the process of trying to load aprsisce/32 program on to the new computer and having some difficulties, I can get his call sign entered, but when I go to move the station location on the map and zoom in, the program closes.
Any suggestions?
My second question is when I get to the place where I need a pass code, do I need to use Dick's old pass code, which I do not have, or do I apply for a new pass code for Dick W7DXJ? 
Any help you can provide would be helpful, thank you.

Tom Hutter - K7TJH
Lake Havasu City, AZ

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