Re: Any way to block object or sender?

Mark, KE6BB


Sadly, Toolbar>Screen>Labels>Footprint doesn't fix this problem.  It appears that the KJ6DZB-3 is sending telemetry in his position beacon, and APRSIS32 seems to display it as a multiline object (see attached screen capture), NOT a footprint.  Sometimes it is a circle, several minutes later it turns into a vertical line extending upward, and other times it is 2 vertical lines extending upward and downward (see attached capture). 

That isn't really the worst part though.  His relatively long position beacon is being sent at approximately 30 sec. to 1 minute intervals (appears it may be GPS dither) in the middle of one of the most densely populated APRS areas of the world using a path of WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2. That is seldom necessary in that area.  WIDE2 digi's are very common in the area, and are usually located on very tall peaks, so coverage is very good.  When in that area, I usually change my path to WIDE2-1 and do as well as can be expected given the system saturation.  I have never seen the need for WIDE1.

I don't know anything about a SainSonic AP510 tracker, but it appears something is wrong.

Just my thoughts.  They are free, so take them for what they are worth.



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Wish I could remember just how long I have been using this program of Lynn's and just discovered today, (because someone asked a question) some "new" features to me. DUH, but I basically just use it to track my son when he is out and about. Thanks Fred N7FMH for pointing this out. Even though I already was using the "footprint", I didn't realize I was, now to 'play' with some of the other screen settings. 😊 Obviously I haven't read all of the WiKi.

Dave N8PU
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Toolbar Screen Labels Footprint


Fred N7FMH


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Where is "footprint"?

Arnold, KQ6DI

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