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Rob Giuliano

I think this may have been answered, but I found it in the SPM folder...

KPC3 and KAM will not DIGI (by themself) when in KISS mode.  The computer application (like APRSIS32) has to handle this function.  KISS mode is a simple Modem (modulation from bits to sound) only.  The computer send it bits (with some overhead) and the TNC turns it into the modulated sounds that get transmitted over the air.  On receive the TNC turns those modulated sounds back into bits and sends them to the computer (again with some overhead).

For APRSIS32 to act as a DIGI, you must edit the XML as described here: DigiPeating - APRSISCE/32 The future of Amateur Radio APRS

IMPORTANT:  the inside the port is ignored (furture possible implementatio, but not used in the current version).  You must palce the "common to all port" outside the port descriptions.

Robert Giuliano

On Saturday, June 1, 2019, 3:18:04 PM EDT, Don Wolfe w4gcw@... [aprsisce] wrote:


I want to setup my station to digipeat. In the XML file under port 1, do I edit the line
line or do I add another line with WIDE1-1=WIDE1* ?

Also, using a KAM or KPC3Plus, what parms do I change to allow the tnc to digi APRS
traffic prior to putting it into KISS mode?

Any help with my problems would be greatly appreciated.

73, Don

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