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Fred Hillhouse

Hi Arnold,


It is easy without crazy amounts of work.


Open the XML for editing. I prefer to use a program called Notepad++.


Look for the section that looks like this:












You only have four so it will be quick. I have 97!


Cut and paste you’re the different blocks in the order you need them. Then save file. Don’t bother with changing the tileserver number. It gets renumbered automatically.


Good luck!


Fred N7FMH



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Is there a way to change the order of the Tile Sets in APRSISCE, without excessive xml file editing?

I have four Tile Sets and it would be nice and easier to understand visually if I could put LynnsOSM Tile Set either first or just after the original OSM Tile set.

It just sounds like it could be dangerous xml file editing.

Arnold, KQ6DI


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