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Lynn Deffenbaugh

It almost sounds like your TNC thinks the channel is always busy and won't transmit anything.  Have you listened to 144.390 (or whatever frequency you are using) to see if it is wall-to-wall signal?  With the altitude you describe, that could be the case.

If you want to know if APRSISCE/32 is sending things to the TNC, bring up and enable the Transmit window as well as the Port(<YourPortName>).  You should see trace logs in those windows whenever APRSISCE/32 actually sends stuff to the TNC.

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On 5/21/2019 1:04 PM, 'Michael Wright' [aprsisce] wrote:
I am involved with this same race, I setup on the summit of Mt Hamilton road and APRSISCE is the perfect tool as I can see where all the SAG and EMT vehicles are located. Also pass messages from Start line to top of mountain finish line along with other updates.

Arnold is looking into more of my situation where my station on the summit does great (I begin about 7 am) but about 9 am it will fail to transmit. My station doesn't beacon, nothing happens when I click Send. Even my SignalinkUSB doesn't respond. I can still receive (viewing station locations and getting messages) but as if the system is in "Receive Only" mode. I didn't have Ack checked. Then shortly after noontime, the system then returns to full functional use. But then by noontime our duties begin to wind down as all race participants pass the summit location.

This situation has happened two years in a row. I will do some tests later tonight and tomorrow.

Other than that, it is really cool, we get to see the various vehicles on the road and view messages. Much of what I learned of APRSISCE came from Arnold.

Mike K6MFW

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That said, there is something going on in APRSISCE when station A sends a message to station B, but station B doesn't acknowledge, and the 6 attempts fail. It doesn't seem to recover as intended. At least that's what we see..

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