Re: APRSIS Internet to RF | I-Gate | Software to Kenwood TM-D710A

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Check About and see what version you are running.  The 2012 version doesn't do it, but all recent development versions should support it.  Here are the conditions of Control-I:

if (ActiveConfig.Update.Development && ActiveConfig.APRSIS.IStoRFEnabled && IGateEnabled && !IGateReceiveOnly && TestFilter.FilterText && *TestFilter.FilterText && !TestFilter.HasErrors && IsTraceLogEnabled("FilterTest"))
1) It has to be a development version
2) Your APRS-IS port must be IS to RF enabled
3) Your Igate must be enabled (see below)
4) Your IGate cannot be ReceiveOnly
5-6) You must have a non-blank test filter
7) Your test filter must be error-free
8) Your FilterTest trace log must be enabled

IGate enabled means:
1) RF Ports are enabled
2) Internet access is enabled
3) APRS-IS port is enabled
4) APRS-IS port is IS to RF enabled OR RF to IS enabled
5) At least one port is RF and also IS to RF or RF to IS enabled

So there's lots of menu checkboxes to verify AND checks on both your APRS-IS port configuration and your RF port configuration.  Once you have everything enabled (and assuming you're on a development version), Control-I should bring up the confirmation prompt.

What is the callsign-SSID of the IGate instance in question?  I can answer some of these questions with remote APRS message queries.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 5/21/2019 8:49 AM, chris.mm1ptt@... [aprsisce] wrote:
Control-G brings up the Trace(Filtertest) log, I can see the hits from the APRS-IS, my RF radio port and internal.  But nothing happens when i press Control-I (eye) with the main window in focus or the with the Filtertest in focus. I also tried its with filtertest minimised and closed with difference.

I did have it working a long time ago, so thought there might be something in my configure file stopping me. I tired using another instance, same APRSIS32 version but different conf file. Control-I isn't didn't appear to do anything with that instance either. 


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