Re: TNC won't transmit - what am I missing?

Randy Love

In case it was overlooked, just remember that Simple KISS assumes the TNC is already in KISS mode when the port is enable.


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Have you gone through all of the suggestions at the following URL?  Any of those will prevent APRSISCE/32 from even trying to send data to the RF port(s).

Does your TNC have any lights to indicate serial communications?  It is possible that there is a difference in how RTS/CTS is handled between other applications and APRSISCE/32.  If you tie RTS to CTS on both ends of your serial cable, see if that works.

Finally, bring up your Port() trace log and enable it.  Do the same with the Transmit trace log.  Then tell APRSISCE/32 to transmit and see what you see in those two windows.  The Transmit window should indicate that the packet was destined for RF along with IS and maybe it also shows internal (that's what *Int* means in the packet scroller).  The Port() window may show something if APRSISCE/32 thinks it actually sent data to that port.

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Have deleted all RF ports and configured a new simplyKISS one - same issue - no transmit

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