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Randy Love

that's neat about the trailer plug battery top off via charger.. 
The other option to your "RBF" tag would be the quick auto disconnects like they have on fire engines... they just hope in and drive off, the plug disconnects on its own... just enough friction to keep it connected, but not enough to cause damage if the truck isn't un-tethered before 'take off'.


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OK, I think I'm going to have to chalk this one up to "it seemed like a good idea at the time...".

I was able to determine that was the "Default Gateway" (using the "ipconfig /all" command) and I was able to Telnet to it with PuTTY using that IP address and the "11010" port.  I got what appeared to be very crisp NMEA sentences in the display.  They did not exhibit the hesitation I was seeing in the COM port connection.

I configured the TCP/IP NMEA port in APRSISCE/32 and got VERY sporadic results.  The information displayed in the user interface was spotty and severely delayed.  The NMEA log showed much the same indications as before (it seemed to indicated it could not determine the start of most of the sentences so it ignored them) although I did eventually get the satellite bars to fill up partially and speed and direction to fill in - but VERY delayed and not updating except every few minutes, if at all.  It was virtually useless.

So the concept does sort of work, but there's just something in the execution that's not behaving.

I have a solution that does work well (a "real" GPS receiver hooked to a COM port) and I guess I'll just keep using that.  I did solve my battery drain issue though.  For those of you with older GM vehicles with a trailer hitch and a circular connector for trailer power, you can hook a battery charger/maintainer to that connector socket on the vehicle.  The secret they don't tell you is that you have to put a real fuse in the position that has a dummy fuse marked "B" in it in the fuse block under the hood.  Once you do that, you've connected the direct (and now fused) line from the battery to the trailer.  Hook your charger to that line at the trailer connector socket and you can keep the battery topped off all the time.  I got a plug in the local auto parts store and wired it to my charger.  It works great.

Just remember to disconnect it before you drive away...  I actually have a "Remove Before Flight" red flag on mine... and I'd have to trip over the cable if I didn't disconnect it.

So, thanks for all the help.  I did learn a lot in the process.

Gil Chapin, WB2UTI

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