Nickname Issue


I think I understand about nicknames, but I'm having an issue I haven't figured out yet.

I've been entering the nickname information for an upcoming bike ride I'm helping support.  I got a list of the tactical call signs and the expected APRS call sign/SSIDs to be used and I've set up a whole bunch of them ahead of the event.

I started with no nicknames in the list (except for "ME").  I know I was doing it right because one station's label changed when he showed up unexpectedly.

I decided I might as well nickname my own station to its tactical call sign.  I've done that successfully before.  This time, when I tried to do that, it wouldn't "take".  It's been my experience in the past that this can happen because that nickname label is already assigned.  As far as I can tell, it wasn't.  I even searched the .xml file and it only occurred once in the nickname I'd just set up.

I should explain my circumstances.  I have a laptop in my vehicle that I use for APRS, using the APRSIS 32 program.  I have a D710 running in APRS mode and it feeds the laptop (I also have an FTM-400 which can also feed the laptop - the D710 is much better at decoding and it has many features the 400 doesn't have - but it doesn't "do" C4FM...).  My D710's call sign/SSID is WB2UTI-9 (actually, so is my 400 but I don't use them at the same time).  The program on the laptop is assigned WB23UTI-13 - deliberately different from the radios.  The laptop is connected to the internet via a Verizon hotspot and it has a GPS receiver hooked to it so the map follows me around.  That way, when my radio beacons, I can see whether my radio's beacon made it to the APRS-IS.  It usually does, and when it does it just shows up as a mobile station labelled "WB2UTI-9".  That's the "station" I was unable to nickname.

When I tried to set up the nickname for my own station (WB2UTI-9), the label on the screen would not change.  When I clicked on the WB2UTI-9 label, I was not offered the option of nicknaming the station.  When I picked it out of the scrolling list, I was not offered the option to nickname it.

I went inside the house and turned on my desktop PC, fired up APRSIS32 and nicknamed my mobile station (WB2UTI) and it instantly changed on the screen when the mobile radio beaconed.

Apparently, there's something fishy in the laptop in the vehicle, but I don't see another occurrence of. the nickname I used anywhere.  I just put 27 nicknames in there.  I really don't want to delete them all (using the "delete all" menu option) and start over again, but I guess that's one option.

There's likely some obvious error I've made, except it's not obvious to me yet.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?  

Gil Chapin, WB2UTI

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