Re: Ailunce HD1 GPS to Aprsisce

RC Anderson, Ph.D. KH6B

Since the Ailunce HD1 doesn't have true APRS built into it, I turned the GPS off on mine. I use it as a backup DMR radio now and have switched over to an Anytone DT-878UV which does have true ARPS built in it and it is able to transmit the APRS packets on either VHF or DMR.

Since switching over to the 878, I am extremely pleased with it. I do still like my HD1 because it is almost waterproof, is extremely durable, and transmits at a higher wattage than the others, but with it not being able to do true APRS I had to let it take a back-seat.

By the way, I can now fit the entire worldwide DMR contact list on the 878 since it holds 150,000 contacts instead of just 100,000. Plus it does roaming, so it can be set up to automatically switch between repeaters as you drive in and out of range of them.


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