Re: Nuvi350 survives GPS rollover

Greg D

The more "modern" GPS units seem to work just fine.  The ones in my car (2010) are fine, as is the Garmin eTrex Vista.  Kenwood D74 is good too.  I had built a GPS attachment for my original Kenwood D7A some years ago, and it gets the time and location right, but I can't find a way to know if the date is right (or for that matter, if it even cares).

But I remembered last night that I had an old Garmin GPS-III sitting in a box.  Somehow, it still powers up.  Left it searching for a signal.  This morning I see it got the time and location right, but sadly it's stuck in August 1999.  So, at least we know the rollover thing was real.

So, how many GPS units do you have at your home?  Including the active cell phones and tablets, I count 10.  A possible sign of the times, the number of GPS receivers now exceeds the number of boxes that don't adjust automatically for daylight savings (9).

Greg  KO6TH

Dan Croskrey dan@... [aprsisce] wrote:


I had no idea that there was some rollover thing.  Reading this post prompted me to do a little research.  I found it to be an interesting topic.

I own a Garmin Nuvi 1450 and it appears to be functioning perfectly.

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On 4/7/2019 7:44 PM, 'Michael Wright' mfwright@... [aprsisce] wrote:
There was the big GPS rollover on April 6. I saw some chatter about older GPS receivers will loose their proper time when the bits rollover like Y2K.

I was thinking my Nuvi350 will become excess electronics but no, they or at least mine still works!!mt=roadmap&z=11&call=a%2FK6MFW-9&timerange=43200&tail=43200

Mike K6MFW

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