Re: No connection to SignaLink & failed to open SERIALCOM key message

Carmine Prestia

Greg, et al.:

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Also, after looking at the website I think you may have downloaded the wrong modem. You want soundmodem100 so you can select AFSK 1200. I've never seen the Manchester 1200 before. 

You are correct!  I went back and downloaded SoundModem100.  When configuring, I get an automatic selection for AFSK AX.25 1200bd.  Immediately I see traffic on the SoundModem monitor screen.

Since Greg pointed this out I did install SoundModem100 and then make the proper entries in APRSISCE.

It is all working now, the system has been up and running over the weekend.  This system will probably become the main APRS monitor for a large communication project we work on in July.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and help.  I may never have gotten this to work without it.


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