Re: No connection to SignaLink & failed to open SERIALCOM key message

Carmine Prestia


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Also, after looking at the website I think you may have downloaded the wrong modem. You want soundmodem100 so you can select AFSK 1200. I've never seen the Manchester 1200 before. 

You are correct!  I went back and downloaded SoundModem100.  When configuring, I get an automatic selection for AFSK AX.25 1200bd.  Immediately I see traffic on the SoundModem monitor screen.

The waterfall is set to 1700 automatically and it is decoding packets.

I've started APRSICE and it says Sound Modem OK, I think.  The box is too narrow.  Is here someway to reconfigure the screen display?

Stations are starting to show up on the map, though no mobiles yet.  I have Internet disabled and when I click on a station's symbol the third line of the information box says something like:

1m52s ago LclRF(0)

I'm assuming that means Local RF.

The only thing that concerns me is so far I only see one mobile from the Pittsburgh area, I'm in State College, PA.

I'm going to leave it running as I have to go to an appointment now.

Thank you.
Carmine, K3CWP

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