Re: No connection to SignaLink & failed to open SERIALCOM key message

Carmine Prestia

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This is what I have:

  SignaLink USB -> full sound card with isolation and PTT circuit


I tried to follow this procedure.

If you're going to use a signallink you have to have a sound modem such as UZ7HO's sound modem, AGWPE packet engine, or Direwolf. I prefer UZ7HO's sound modem myself. When you get the sound modem downloaded you pick the signal link out of the sound card options, then in APRSIS32  you make a new port Type: AGW give it a name and then select tcp/ip and use the ip of the name of your computer and the port that presents in your sound modem. Most likely 8000. And that should take care of it. 

Now I get Sound Modem OK in the status box but there does not appear to be any traffic coming in from the radio.  There is plenty of APRS traffic on the frequency,  

I disabled the Internet connection an now the only icon I see is 'Me'.

I also note that when the Sound Modem window is open though I can hear traffic and the waterfall indicates signal nothing comes through on the monitor screen.

I included four photos that show my configuration.  Sorry for the quality.

Thank you.
Carmine, K3CWP

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