No connection to SignaLink & failed to open SERIALCOM key message

Carmine Prestia

Well, thanks to comments to my other post I disabled the Windows Sounds and it appears to have taken care of the random transmissions or keying of the SignaLink.

However, I still can't seem to make APRSISCE32 talk to the SignaLink.  Though I'm not sure, this might be a Windows 10 Problem,  I do not see a COM port for the SignaLink in the Device Manager.  Nor does APRSICE ever ask me for a COM Port number when setting up a new port.

I've refreshed the view and disconnected and reconnected the SignaLink several times.  Nothing ever changes.

I'm also getting notifications from the program that say "Failed to open SERIALCOM key."

I've googled these problems and can't find anything that helps.  The SignaLink instructions see to indicate that this should all be automatic.

Any assistance appreciated.

Thank you.

Carmine Prestia, K3CWP

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