Re: APESISCE Files on Desktop

Carmine Prestia

Good Morning:

Are you trying to run the application form within the zipped file?
You need to place it in a writable folder.  That folder can be on a thumb drive, but it must be outside the zip file.

I did.  It turns out something in the original file was corrupt.  I downloaded the file from the web, unzipped it to the flash drive, started it, entered my callsign, and passcode.  It appears to be working properly now.  I'll import the GPX files later.

As for the SignaLink, are you sure it is not transmitting on computer beeps - sound card getting system sounds and that is causing the SignaLink to transmit?

I'm not sure.  THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME. I should have thought of that and will check into it this morning.

Thank you for the help.
Carmine Prestia, K3CWP

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