Re: APESISCE Files on Desktop

Carmine Prestia

I'm not sure this is related but . . .

I downloaded APRSISCE who imported some KML files so that we could use the program for a large bicycle event in July.

He zipped the file and I DLed it to a flash drive.  It seemed to run OK on two different computers, one of which is reserved for ham radio.

After a couple days I had to shut the computer down.  After restart the following holds:

I start APRSISCE but going to the flash drive and double clicking on the program.

It starts, but
Where there should be a map, the screen is white.
There are no icons showing on the screen except 'Me'
The program sends a transmit command to the SignaLink every 15 seconds even though I have done nothing to set that up.
In the box on the upper left of the screen I see:
APRSIS - Delayed

Internet and maps are enabled and the Internet connection is good.

Operating system is Windows 10.

Nothing seems to get this to work.

Any help appreciated.

Carmine, K3CWP

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