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Adam Mahnke

Thanks for jumping in on this Rob,

According to this he's at least getting stuff to the IS Stream

It's reporting that the station last heard a station directly 2.5 days ago

AH6MG last heard WH6FQE-3 about that same time frame

From looking at the full map of the island it looks like KH6MP's IGate is getting credit for most of the IS stream traffic.

I'm really not seeing a lot of RF traffic on the island, but I may be reading the data wrong, I'm not the greatest at reading logs.

At this point I'm really curious a to what the logs that Rob asked about look like. 

What TNC are you using? is it a known good TNC? If you use a terminal emulator and listen to the TNC is it decoding packets properly? I've had TNC's that I've had to make modifications to in order to make it work on APRS.

Do you have an HT or Mobile Radio that you can do testing with?

So, in building the RF Port, I'm using Simply(KISS) on a Kantronics 9612. You might be having command/communication errors with the TNC. I know that there are some differences in TNC's and if you pick the wrong communication method it will work sometimes. 

Take a look at 

It might be worth deleting the xml file and starting from scratch if you had it working once before and then we can revisit the digi function.


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What does the port logs indicate?
  Are you seeing messages abot missing or something like that? 
Robert Giuliano

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Changing that over to the "Development Version", whatever that means, made no difference at all.

It is still Deaf & Dumb


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