Re: New User Question

Rob Giuliano

The Callsign in the RF section is taken from the App configuration (Configuration General).
There is no provision for separate callsign-ssids by radio port.
That is why they are grayed out in that area.

XML files are text, so you could try attaching it to a message, or copy and paste the section on the RFport.  Include all of the sections you have, and be sure and include the section after it.

You may get a reply quicker, since Adam said he won't be able to get to it until later.

Robert Giuliano

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Yes, I closed it while I made the changes to the XML file.

I did notice something that I do not think is right though. When I click on Configure . . . Ports . . . Radio My Callsign and comments are not showing there and it will not allow me to add them in the boxes that are greyed out. They are listed correctly on the Client Configuration screen though.


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