Re: Windows 10 ProX64 installation

Rob Giuliano

You should be able to copy the folder structure from your VM to a USB stick and place it on you new computer.  If you want the maps and other configuration, this works very well.

Make sure you place the "aprsis32" folder in a location that is not protected [both program files and program files(x86) are protected]. I like to create my own structure from the base for apps:
with map tiles etc below that.

If you do this and also plan to keep the VM verdion active, you should change the ssid so that each is unique.  the passcode is for the base callsign, so that can remain.

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 10:17, Mark Dallner mark.dallner@... [aprsisce]

I am currently running APRSIS32 in a VM on my Mac mini. Recently acquired a real PC and setup Win10Prox64.

Looking for the thread on installation for Win10.

Help is appreciated.


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